Video 3´46″ (2010)

We all have a tendency to look for a reference in our memory that tells us what to do in certain circumstances. But what happens when this anchor point doesn’t provide the correct answer.

The Highest Point explores this notion using the final moments of the movie King Kong of 1933. When King Kong feels threatened in New York City he tries to find a safe place, in his memory, this was climbing to the top of the mountain where he was able to keep Ann Darrow for himself. That’s why he climbs the Empire State and tries to fight with the airplanes that finally shot him down.

By repeating the moment of King Kong’s death it is possible to examine how the constant shock of experiencing how memory is failing to provide the correct answers breaks, distorts and modifies our anchor point leaving memory free and in search of new references to find out how to survive.

Installation shots

Installation shots taken by Maria Sprowls at Lawrence Alloway Gallery. Long Island, N.Y.